Testimonials / Comments

“Lets me hear my own thoughts – gives me time for gratitude practice”.

“Very relaxing. I loved the quiet”!

“Even the music room chairs are getting more comfortable”.

“I slept for seven uninterrupted hours last Tuesday, that had not happened in 4 or 5 years”.

“Thank you, thank you all, this is so generous”!

“Felt instant calm and peace – thank you”.

“Very relaxing”.

“I do feel less jittery and calmer, relaxed”.

“Will keep coming back, hope to improve results”.

“Thank you so much for providing this service to our Vets and their families”.

It felt, “calming”… then I felt, “alert”.

“I was surprised by how challenging it was to sit still- yet afterward I do feel calm”.

“Many thanks to all who volunteer.  Your work and experience was exceptional”!

“This is my weekly escape from a crazy life.  If I could I’d have it every day.  I love it.”

“Thank you this is so helpful”!

“I love this”!  Each week I will be here.  I need it.  My parents will also accompany me soon too.”

“Thank you each and all.”

“Music was great, low volume, very relaxing.”


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